Domestic Violence Shelters

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Domestic Violence Shelters


One of the most needed but most scarce resource for women and children who are trying  to escape a situation of domestic violence is a safe place to stay while they unravel the complexities and confusion brought about by their challenging situation.

A majority of homeless women and children are sufferers of domestic abuse or violence.

When a woman is forced to leave their home due to abuse or violence, the first question that comes to her mind is: “Where do I go?  Who can take us in?”

Her mind starts scanning her various options, but often times it settles on none.

Family members may not live anywhere close by.

Friends most often have no extra space.

The children have to go to school, the school is normally in close vicinity to home.

She still has to get to work so she can stay afloat finacially and meet her ongoing commitments, which are already overwhelming her.

How can she manage to do that and keep all the others balls in the air if she is re housed?

How does she prevent her situation from spiralling into a greater crisis?

Often times, existing shelters are full to capacity, or she may not qualify, or be a priority case, or there may not be any shelter close by.

All this makes moving to safety a big challenge for a woman and her children going through a domestic abuse crisis.

…and often times, she settles back into the unsafe environment and stays.

Many of the DV related deaths that we hear about often results from women having no where to go.  With the high rise in domestic violence crimes there is an equally increasing growing need for safe havens.

If you would like to help women and children stay safe and help them regain some form of stability in one of their most  challenging times of need, join hands with us through your regular scheduled donations to this cause.

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