Woman, Weep No More!

Woman, Weep No More!

Why beat her over the head? 

This is one reason why domestic violence is so dangerous; most injuries are to the head.  

How stable can this woman be on a day to day basis? See how confused she is?  

And most people’s counsel is to send the abused back home to the abuser when they have taken up the courage to escape.

Which blow will be the fatal blow?

Imagine her trying to live to pacify this guy’s anger every single day?  

I don’t think she will succeed at doing that.

She probably walks on egg shells all day long, trying not to trigger his anger, she walks in fear not sure when the next blow or slap will land or where it will land.

Then he would demand to make love to her.  

Then she has to perform her womanly duty, or be exposed to greater violence.  

How sad!

Some of these women’s only escape route is suicide, although it doesn’t have to be.   But any other solution she comes up with will be bringing shame upon the family: A big sin and a bigger crime. But her reasoning is: at least in death, she will weep no more.

Woman, Weep No More!

Her insides are crying.  

On the outside, you see no tears.  

On the inside she’s bruised and dying.

On the outside, no one seems to care.

She is locked up in herself, locked up in her world. 

You see her, but her shell is vacant, she is no longer there.

Hmmm… The horrors of Domestic Violence.

Woman, weep no more.

I Shall Not Keep Silent


Say No to Domestic Violence!

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