Launch a Befriending and Support Group

At No2DAV, we alleviate distress.

We make the burden of domestic abuse light and help prevent things from quickly spiral downwards into a greater crisis.

Launching and facilitating a No2DAV Befriending and Support Group, is a great opportunity for you to serve and engage with your local community in a way practical and useful way while at the same time having the opportunity to influence how policies are made and how things are run on a local government level.

By launching a No2DAV Befriending and Support Group, you can help a woman, her children and family by giving them the support they require in their time of need to help them find safety, regain stability, live peacefully and improve their quality of life.

We understand that every little bit of support makes a big difference, be it just checking that everything is okay, having someone to talk with over coffee, someone to bounce ideas off, signposting them to help and resources in their local area, supporting them in an emergency or even attending court with them. It could even be supporting them to establish links within the wider community, access local services and to attend a variety of appointments as required.

It’s simply about being there for them when they need this support the most.q

By becoming a No2DAV Community Empowerment Leader, lobbying and influencing policy on their behalf, you will play an active part in making sure that they have representation and that their voices heard on community and local government panels and discussions.

Launch a No2DAV Befriending and Support Group.