Q & A

My Earnings are Taken

QUESTION I am in an abusive relationship, we met when I was 18, and even then he had a tight hold on me. When my daughter was young. My mum gained custody of her because of my husband’s abusive and controlling behaviour. A few years later, I gave birth to my son, my husband’s desire for control

I’m Being Stalked

QUESTION My husband has proved over the years to be extremely jealous and insecure about my family members, personal friends, ministerial and business relationships, with both male and female. He stalks me both online and offline and does so to people that I have a personal, business or

I’m Too Ashamed to Share it

QUESTION Domestic violence started in our home not long after we had gotten married. This day I had gone to get my hair done at the hairdressers, because of the queue at the hairdressers I came home much later than I said I would. He looked at me suspiciously and insisted that I was getting my

He Refuses To Talk With Me

QUESTION My husband spends months on end not talking to me.  He ignores me, looks through me and acts as if I am not there.  He doesn’t do this with other people, he pays them a lot of attention and runs around for them.  He’s left all the financial responsibilities of the home to me.  All the

I’m Mocked and Belittled

QUESTION I’ve had an interesting marriage, one of violence and abuse. My husband doesn’t seem to like me. I have a feeling he thinks I’m ugly. My teeth are a bit funny; he always makes faces and laughs at me in a mocking way. When he sees pictures of ugly fat women, he brings