Become a Partnering Church

Domestic abuse and violence touches the very nerve of every community.

There is not a greater way of serving the community, touching and transforming lives by meeting them at their point of need and healing them where they hurt.

We are looking to work with churches who are looking to engage with the community meaningfully and practically through love and service.

You can get involved in this movement by:

1. Launching your own No2DAV Befriending and Support groups, offering a lifeline to your local community.

2. Partnering with, and supporting No2DAV Befriending and Support groups based in your the local community giving them the backend help and support that they need while they carry out the work on the frontend.

3. Partnering financially with No2DAV to help spread this most needed cause that is tearing away at families, maiming and killing people and affecting the next generation.

No2DAV is about Advocacy.

Our No2DAV Community Empowerment Leadership program will prepare you for, and position you in, places of influence so you can speak up on behalf of the needy and hurting, helping their voices to be heard and needs to be met.

These are great opportunities for the church to get involved with and take responsibility for its community.

As the church, we can do more together than we can do apart, contact us to discuss how we can work together.