Become a Financial Partner

“I want to be able to sleep without being scared of being strangled or beaten in my sleep.”

“I want to be able to live without having to practice moves of how to protect my face and keep myself from being scared.”

“I want to be able to be on my treadmill without feeling that I might be attacked from the back.”

That’s just a rough picture…

…A rough picture of what goes on in the mind of a domestic abuse survivor.

People are generally affected and shocked by violence in our communities and society, but how about those who live with violence and have to watch their own homes every day of their lives?

This is how it is with most people who are affected by domestic abuse or violence. There is often no way to get away from it. The trauma of such abuse is often minimising and estimated, that it directs lives and goes on to affect generations.

It’s often very easy to point fingers, and talk about issues that are wrong with people or a society, majority do that, but only A minority go further and do what is necessary to bring about change through creative solutions to these long-term problems that is eating away at the cohesive fabric of society.

By becoming a No2DAV Financial Partner, you will be coming alongside us to find and implement solutions to this deep-rooted problem, thus helping to restore peace, safety and stability too many.

Your financial support goes a long way. Without the finances, this work is really limited, and many women, children and men remain trapped in their circumstances.

Monthly Partnership

Help support vulnerable women and children. Thanks for your heart.