Launch a Befriending and Support Group

At No2DAV, we alleviate distress. We make the burden of domestic abuse light and help things from quickly spiraling downwards into a greater crisis. We understand that every little bit of support makes a big difference.

By launching and facilitating a No2DAV Befriending and Support Group, you can help a woman, her children and family by giving them the support they require in their time of need to help them find safety, regain stability, live peacefully and improve their quality of life.

By becoming a No2DAV Community Empowerment Leader, lobbying and influencing policy on their behalf, you will play an active part in making sure that they have representation and that their voices heard on community and local government panels and discussions.

Invite a Speaker

At No2DAV, we believe in prevention. We strongly believe in domestic abuse prevention, but we also engage in its cures. We understand that people act from their beliefs and that beliefs undergirding domestic abuse and violence must be challenged and changed. We believe that people and communities can be positively transformed through the paradigm shifting messages and life empowering and transforming principles embedded in our seminars.

By inviting a No2DAV speaker or hosting a No2DAV seminar, we can help people, families and communities find safety and the strength to rebuild their lives, families and communities.

As we reach out to help the individual, we can see families strengthened and communities and our nations transformed.



No2DAV is a movement motivated by Christian compassion and faith aimed at lifting every child, woman and man in a domestic abusive and violent situation to dignity, safety and freedom.  Our broader aim is to make the world a safer and better place for women, children and families, helping them to fulfil their God-given potential, life and enjoy life at its best.

Woman, Weep No More, We Will Not be Silent!

Every woman, young person and child deserves to live with dignity, in peace and safety.  

From donating to fundraising, there are lots of ways you can get involved to support our movement.
Become an Advocate
As an advocate, there are lots of ways you can get involved to support vulnerable women and children in your sphere of influence.
Launch a Befriending and Support Group
Start a No2DAV Befriending and Support group in your local area and become a No2DAV Community Empowerment Leader.


We aim to implement sustainable programs that improve the life chances of vulnerable women and children giving them the dignity, safety and pease that they long for, and empowering them so that they can help themselves and families and in turn help and empower others.
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Help support vulnerable women and children. Thanks for your heart.


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